Feb 13

Para Levantar el Ánimo

Algunas veces en la vida pasamos por momentos difíciles, y cuando esto sucede es bueno tener un amigo, un hermano, e incluso un desconocido que nos de una palabra de ánimo.

Facundo Cabral

Facundo Cabral

Este es un extraordinario monologo de Facundo Cabral que  nos hace ver  lo afortunados que somos!

Para deprimidos y no deprimidos por igual, escuchar este monologo se una muy buena manera de prepararse para la semana, espero les guste :)

No estás deprimido, estás distraído (MP3)

Feb 13

Biblia de Nuestro Pueblo – Edición Latinoamericana – Católica

Hace mucho tiempo quería tener una Biblia Católica que pudiera llevar en mi tableta, y finalmente conseguí una versión que me gustó: La Biblia de Nuestro Pueblo – Latinoamericana. Este PDF esta muy bien hecho, lo único que no tenia era la tabla de contenidos en forma de vínculos, así que se la puse; un libro tan grande como la Biblia es difícil de navegar sin estos vínculos.


Esta Biblia tiene una versión en linea, por lo que supongo que es de dominio público, si no es así, la retiraré si se me hace la petición.

Algo que me sorprendió fue lo difícil que es encontrar una buena Biblia en formato PDF, no necesariamente porque fuera gratis, yo estaba dispuesto a pagar para tener una Biblia en formato digital; se consiguen muchas Biblias protestantes, pero por alguna razón que no entiendo es casi imposible conseguir una Católica, porque sera esto?

Bueno, espero que el pequeño esfuerzo que hice para conseguirla y ponerle la tabla de contenidos sea para provecho de ustedes y gloria de Dios.

BIBLIA de Nuestro Pueblo – Edición para Latinoamerica (PDF)

Jan 13

Sage Math PPA

Sage is not available by default in Ubuntu/Mint, but there is the ppa for it:

Aug 12

How to Deal With Making Mistakes

Today at work I made a mistake, one of those that are so obvious, you should not do. Still, I made the mistake!

So what do I do so this does not happen again? Making a checklist would probably help, having other people lend me their eyes could be good to…. But I wanted some other perspective. I did a little Google search, and I found this article that brings a different approach to making mistakes and how to iron them out. I’d like to share the article with you, enjoy the reading:  http://www.psychotactics.com/blog/science-making-mistakes/

Aug 12

Small Business and IT Outsourcing

Lately, due to the elections I see the word outsourcing a lot. President Obama and Mitt Romney are acussing each other or being big outsourcers.

Politics apart, for small business outsourcing the whole IT department is something to be considered with caution. A business with just a couple employees probably can’t afford a full time IT person in staff, but for 10 or more employees an IT guy is a must.

Sure some parts, and probably most of the IT functions can be outsourced, but having an IT person overseing it all is not only better for resolving problems, but also goes a long way to prevent them.

I have seen  some SB bring back their IT departments after finding out the hard way that response times of outsourcing companies are just not good enough. Having your whole staff waiting hours for your IT support to arrive to premises is not cost efficient, you still pay your employees those hours while your income is frozen, and your clients may loose their patience if this happens more than once.

While for politicians talking about outsourcing is a way to get votes, for business owners it’s a way to save money, a way to save the jobs of their employees. Outsourcing is not evil, it’s just a way to be more efficient to stay in business, but as with everything, too much of a good thing can be bad.

Jul 12

My Favorite Free Android Apps

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It’s been about a year since I switched to Android, and it has been a good experience. I like trying programs, and after trying many, I have settled for the ones you are going to find in this post.

My list, for now, does not include any apps for rooted phones, my experience with rooting has not been the best. Also, I only do with my phone things I can do efficiently, for other things I rather use my laptop. Finally, these apps are either free or very affordable, where they are not free, I’ll say so. That’s all, let’s dive in!

1-Click Cleaner Pro (Not Free)
It used to be free, now it is $1, still a bargain for this app. Easy to use and effective, it cleans your phone’s cache, history and more. They need to fix some language issues (developers are Chinese), but if you don’t care seeing a chinese message here and there, give this app a try.

A very nice calendar application that syncs with Google Calendar, with a very attractive interface. I tried many calendar apps and I decided for this one because it shows you the actual appointment text instead of just a bullet point or a square mark. Continue reading →

Jul 12

Introduction to Data Structures – Lecture Notes

Last semester I took “Introduction to Data Structures” at FIU with Professor Jai Navlakha, one of the best instructors I have ever had.

I tried to take good notes, and at the end of the course my notes had become quite popular, so in hopes that they may help other students, I am publishing them here.

The notes are in pdf format, with table of contents included.

Download Introduction to Data Structures

Jul 12

Using Your iPad at work

Increasingly, more and more people are taking their personal iPads to work. The other day I asked a friend who was using his iPad for work about his company’s take on that.

All he could tell me was that his IT department had install some antimalware program on his device. I asked him what would happen if the tablet got lost, he did not know.

Next time we met he told me he was no longer using his iPad for work. Why?

Well, as I suspected, they had install a program that would nuke the iPad after a number of failed passwords, or in the event it got lost, and they had not properly explained that to my friend. Mi friend has children who can easily miss the password a number of times!

Nuking devices is an almost a standard approach by IT departments, so be sure you understand what you are getting into before you happily start taking your iPad to work.

Sep 11

Apple restrictions hurting them

There is no doubt that Apple has brought huge innovations to the technology world, but these days Apple seems to be moving from its cool Apple guy mantra to the big bully corporation.

There is already a big portion of iPhone users that are tired of Apple’s restrictions, and this has given birth to a new parallel industry of Jailbreaking and Unlocking , but Apple does not seem to be willing to allow any innovation that does not come from inside their walls.

On the one hand Apple has worked very hard to create this new iPod/iPhone/iPad market and they are not willing to ease their tight grip on the business, and on the other hand users feel the devices they have paid for are theirs and they can do whatever they wish to with them, even though they implicitly signed a users’ agreement with the purchase.

At the end I think the free market (and Android) will force Apple to reconsider their practices or they will be left behind. In less than three years Android has surpassed Nokia, Blackberry and now iPhone in US sales.

Sep 11

Fake Apple stores in China

It is almost normal to find replicas of Apple products like this fake iPhone in some countries and on web stores. Last July a new kind of replicas were made evident by a blogger living in China: Fake Apple Stores!

These stores located in the city of Kunming were so carefully done that it was difficult to tell them appart from the real ones, if not for the fact that Apple does not have any authorized retailers in that city.

After this issue became viral, the Chinese government ordered the stores to close, but why were the stores allowed to open in the first place? It is not like they were small shops that could be overlooked.

China has been named one of the worst countries in copyright theft prevention for several years in a row, even though their copyright laws are very similar to the ones in the U.S. It is clear that at least for now, complying with these laws is not a high Chinese priority.


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