I have to constantly move MySQL dumps between environments for testing, and sometimes there are definers with users not present in the new environment. This script takes either a .sql or .sql.gz database dump and change the definers to match your local users.


  • Linux, with the following installed
  • Git, gunzip
  • Clone this snippet and make it executable: clean_mysql_definers.sh

What It Does

It takes a .sql or .sql.gz file, extracts it and replaces the definers with ‘root’.

Configure It

The default is to replace the definer with ‘root’, but you can change that in line 54:

# Find definers other than root and admin, and replace them by root

And you can decide what definers to leave alone by modifying the following in line 55 (root|admin):

DEFINERS=$( grep -oE "DEFINER=\`[a-zA-Z]+\`" "${DB}" | grep -viE "DEFINER=\`(root|admin)\`" | sort | uniq )

Run the Script


Enjoy the Extra Time

Over time, this script has saved me a lot of time, hope it helps you too.