Dec 10

Tumblr’s Search Sucks! – How to fix?

Update 2: I got tired of Tumblr, I moved back to WordPress!
Update: I got tired of Tumblr search, I set up Wibiya’s toolbar which has Google Search, and it works just fine! Tumblr search? ditched!

This blog runs on Tumblr. Why am I trashing Tumblr then?
Sorry guys, but it is time to put your act together and fix this!

I used to have my blog in WordPress, I fell in love with Tumblr and moved here. Since the beginning  I noticed Search was not working, but I thought it was a temporary glitch.

It’s now over 3 months since I am here, and Search still Sucks!

For a blog, Search is crucial! Guys, I know I am not the only one unhappy about this! If you want your community to keep growing you have to pay attention to things like this and fix them!

Nov 10

Facebook does not like me been too friendly

I have a fan page in Facebook for my company Dade Computers. Whenever I receive a Like, I send the person a thank you message where I offer to help them with their computer questions.

I was doing that today, when I received a pop up from Facebook warning me that if I continued to do that my fan page could be suspended.

Obviously they think I am sending spam. They have a sophisticated system in general, but that technology is definitely not been used to detect spam, since a very low tech detection system could show I am not sending spam at all. They are probably just counting the number of messages been sent in a period of time.

I will have to stop sending the thank you messages, or at least I will have to send them as I receive the likes, which is harder.

To all my followers, sorry if I am rude now, Facebook forces me to :)

Aug 10

I just ditched WordPress for Tumblr!

Update 08/16/2011: I just ditched Tumblr and went back to WordPress! I got tired of the limitations of Tumblr, no easy way to embed code, weird search tool, can’t upload pictures, just too much! I am happy in WordPress again!

My blog was a WordPress blog, but the thing is I am not a full fledge blogger. I don’t write lengthy posts frequently. After Trying Tumblr for a little I feel this is home for me. It is an environment that work well for short posts.

I like twitter, but sometimes I want to say more, but I don’t like using services like longtweet because I feel like I don’t have control of my posts, and I cannot easily update them. With Tumblr I can automatically post to twitter, so that problem is solved for me as well.

I am sorry for the people that had posted comments in my old blog, but If I did not move from WordPress, my blog was going to have very little activity.