Jan 13

Sage Math PPA

Sage is not available by default in Ubuntu/Mint, but there is the ppa for it:

Jul 12

Introduction to Data Structures – Lecture Notes

Last semester I took “Introduction to Data Structures” at FIU with Professor Jai Navlakha, one of the best instructors I have ever had.

I tried to take good notes, and at the end of the course my notes had become quite popular, so in hopes that they may help other students, I am publishing them here.

The notes are in pdf format, with table of contents included.

Download Introduction to Data Structures

Aug 11

Java 7 is here

After almost five years, Java finally has a major revision. This time under the direction of Oracle, and with changes the community had been waiting for a long time. It is true that changes are not revolutionary, but nonetheless, they are changes that will make developers’ lives easier.

What’s new?

- Java has improved support for dynamic languages, Python one of my favorites is there, as well as Ruby, Groovy and Javascript, they will run in the JVM with much better performance thanks to the InvokeDynamic feature.

- The new Fork/Join Framework allows for parallel programming, developing for multicore systems is native now.

- New I/O allows working with different file systems.

Is Oracle good for Java?

I think it is. Java was not moving anywhere with Sun. Oracle is investing heavily on Java and the JVM, and I agree with many, that Oracle is doing things right – at least with Java… MySql is a different story!

Taft, Darryl K. “Oracle Launches Java 7, as Innovations Sprouts.”¬†eWeek¬†15 Aug. 2011: 24+. Print.