Feb 13

Para Levantar el Ánimo

Algunas veces en la vida pasamos por momentos difíciles, y cuando esto sucede es bueno tener un amigo, un hermano, e incluso un desconocido que nos de una palabra de ánimo.

Facundo Cabral

Facundo Cabral

Este es un extraordinario monologo de Facundo Cabral que  nos hace ver  lo afortunados que somos!

Para deprimidos y no deprimidos por igual, escuchar este monologo se una muy buena manera de prepararse para la semana, espero les guste :)

No estás deprimido, estás distraído (MP3)

Feb 13

Biblia de Nuestro Pueblo – Edición Latinoamericana – Católica

Hace mucho tiempo quería tener una Biblia Católica que pudiera llevar en mi tableta, y finalmente conseguí una versión que me gustó: La Biblia de Nuestro Pueblo – Latinoamericana. Este PDF esta muy bien hecho, lo único que no tenia era la tabla de contenidos en forma de vínculos, así que se la puse; un libro tan grande como la Biblia es difícil de navegar sin estos vínculos.


Esta Biblia tiene una versión en linea, por lo que supongo que es de dominio público, si no es así, la retiraré si se me hace la petición.

Algo que me sorprendió fue lo difícil que es encontrar una buena Biblia en formato PDF, no necesariamente porque fuera gratis, yo estaba dispuesto a pagar para tener una Biblia en formato digital; se consiguen muchas Biblias protestantes, pero por alguna razón que no entiendo es casi imposible conseguir una Católica, porque sera esto?

Bueno, espero que el pequeño esfuerzo que hice para conseguirla y ponerle la tabla de contenidos sea para provecho de ustedes y gloria de Dios.

BIBLIA de Nuestro Pueblo – Edición para Latinoamerica (PDF)

Aug 12

How to Deal With Making Mistakes

Today at work I made a mistake, one of those that are so obvious, you should not do. Still, I made the mistake!

So what do I do so this does not happen again? Making a checklist would probably help, having other people lend me their eyes could be good to…. But I wanted some other perspective. I did a little Google search, and I found this article that brings a different approach to making mistakes and how to iron them out. I’d like to share the article with you, enjoy the reading:  http://www.psychotactics.com/blog/science-making-mistakes/

Aug 11

The social network–the movie

I normally go to the movies to get some entertainment, not so much to see a high productfacebook_in_real_life_1-751669d of art, thus almost all of the time I am in disagreement with movie critics. So when The Social Network came out, and I read some of the critics, I decided I was not even going to bother seen it.

Tonight I was at a friend’s for a movieton. We watched several movies, and The Social Network was the last one. I was a bit surprised, the movie was not bad, I think I liked it! but I did not like one thing.

To give you an idea of my movie preferences, which I guess are a little typical for a Computer Science student:

  • Favorite movie ever: The Matrix – Wow!
  • Second place: Star Wars – all of them – Lucas just rocks!
  • For what is worth, I am not a Start Trek fan.

So I have nothing against tech and science fiction movies, but Hollywood disappointed me again with the same lame geeky, socially unfit personality they always give to any character good with computers.

Is it that you need a geek and not a normal person to make the movie interesting?  I don’t think so, but again, I am not a movie critic!

Oct 10

How to make your baby stop thumb-sucking

I had this issue with my daughter. I read a lot of on-line articles, and nothing worked.

I am sorry, It’s not the first time  psychology has come short for me.

All along I thought the solution should be simple, and it was! No need for psychology or expensive gadgets!

I just put a sock on her hand like a glove and some duck-tape around her wrist to keep it. One week and the thumb-sucking was gone forever.

Sep 10

Why you want to be an engineer