Small Business and IT Outsourcing

Lately, due to the elections I see the word outsourcing a lot. President Obama and Mitt Romney are acussing each other or being big outsourcers.

Politics apart, for small business outsourcing the whole IT department is something to be considered with caution. A business with just a couple employees probably can’t afford a full time IT person in staff, but for 10 or more employees an IT guy is a must.

Sure some parts, and probably most of the IT functions can be outsourced, but having an IT person overseing it all is not only better for resolving problems, but also goes a long way to prevent them.

I have seen  some SB bring back their IT departments after finding out the hard way that response times of outsourcing companies are just not good enough. Having your whole staff waiting hours for your IT support to arrive to premises is not cost efficient, you still pay your employees those hours while your income is frozen, and your clients may loose their patience if this happens more than once.

While for politicians talking about outsourcing is a way to get votes, for business owners it’s a way to save money, a way to save the jobs of their employees. Outsourcing is not evil, it’s just a way to be more efficient to stay in business, but as with everything, too much of a good thing can be bad.

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