My Favorite Free Android Apps

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It’s been about a year since I switched to Android, and it has been a good experience. I like trying programs, and after trying many, I have settled for the ones you are going to find in this post.

My list, for now, does not include any apps for rooted phones, my experience with rooting has not been the best. Also, I only do with my phone things I can do efficiently, for other things I rather use my laptop. Finally, these apps are either free or very affordable, where they are not free, I’ll say so. That’s all, let’s dive in!

1-Click Cleaner Pro (Not Free)
It used to be free, now it is $1, still a bargain for this app. Easy to use and effective, it cleans your phone’s cache, history and more. They need to fix some language issues (developers are Chinese), but if you don’t care seeing a chinese message here and there, give this app a try.

A very nice calendar application that syncs with Google Calendar, with a very attractive interface. I tried many calendar apps and I decided for this one because it shows you the actual appointment text instead of just a bullet point or a square mark.

A full featured flashcard program, good for learning new stuff, to study for school or to learn vocabulary. It asks you to grade the difficulty of each card, and it will show you the difficult ones more frequently until you learn them.

I was a Blackberry user, and using tasks was a breeze. This is one of the few things I miss in my Android, but this app takes care of managing your tasks, and it syncs with Google tasks. And the interface… is awesome!

App 2 SD
This app allows you to move applications from your phone’s memory to your SD card. This allows you not only to install more apps, but it will give your phone a boost in performance. App 2 SD will tell you if you app can be safely moved to the SD card or not.

Contacts GroupU
I like to have my contacts organized in groups, but Android doesn’t do this by default. I tried using other contact programs, but they were too heavy. This one does not replace your default contacts program, it just allows you to organize your contacts in groups.

This is one of my favorite apps. If you want to sleep or you are busy, Dindy takes the call / text message without ringing the phone, instead it sends the caller / texter a custom message saying you are busy (or whatever message you set up). Now, if it is an emergency, Dindy tells the caller to call again, and this time the phone will ring. This program is very customizable so you can make it work the way you want.

Document Scanner (Not Free)
This apps let’s you use your phone’s camera as a scanner. You can convert the “scanned” document to pdf and email it or uploaded to or Dropbox. It is a nice app to have when you don’t have a real scanner at hand or when you just need a quick way to share a document.

Hewlett Packard makes the best calculators for engineers, and the HP48 is a classic; still today, people pay hundreds of dollars to have one of them. I love this calculator, and Droid48 is a great HP48 emulator for when I don’t have my calculator at hand. If you have a phone with a big screen, this will feel like the real thing, it is awesome.

This is a must have app. It allows you to sync files between all you computers/devices. Now, I may be wrong on this, but I believe the free Android app does upload files to your Dropbox account, but it does not download/sync files from your account to your Android device. If I am wrong, please let me know.

Dropsync (Not Free)
In my device, Dropbox did not download files, after trying several Dropbox apps, I decided to buy this one. It syncs in the background periodically, so you can have all your Dropbox files in your phone. Of course, you need to have enough space in your phone. I use this one in combination with the Dropbox app.

Easy Battery Saver
My days are long, at least 18 hours, and my phone’s battery would not make it. First I tried JuiceDefender, but my phone would crash sometimes. I know for other devices it works fine. Next I tried Easy Battery Saver and I loved it! It is way more configurable than JuiceDefender, and works like a breeze. I spent 10 minutes configuring it to my taste, and after that I have never had any issues with it, and my battery lasts the whole day easily.

If you need to connect to Exchange Server and you want a free app, this is the one! The only thing not offered in the free version (that I miss) is access to your Exchange contacts, other than that, this is a fully operational app. I tried all the free ones I found, and none came even close to ExMail.

If you use msn messenger, Google talk, Facebook messenger, Skype im, Yahoo messenger, and others, you can run them all from within this great app, and the interface is awsome!

If you can’t keep up with all your passwords, this app let’s you organize them safely. The nice thing about this app is that it is fully compatible with the desktop KeePass program, so by combining this with Dropbox, you will always have the same passwords in you desktop and your phone.

For Catholics out there, this app gets you the Daily Readings, Rosary, Prayers, Bible and more.

If you like going to the movies, this app let’s you search for movies by zipcode and theater. It gives you ratings and even trailers. Easy to use and to the point.

Quick Dial
One thing I do not like about my Android phone is that finding and calling contacts with a single hand is hard. This app takes care of that. It allows you to find people and call or text them in a snap!

SMS Scheduler
This is one of my favorite ones! It let’s you schedule SMS’s to one or several recipients. I use it to send birthday congrats, and also as a reminder of important events to myself. You can configure it to repeat the message at time intervals, so it is also a good way of not forgetting to take your medicines.

Songza is my new favorite for music streaming, it is just great! It has incredible music lists, much better than Pandora’s, and the sound is also better. This app brings Songza to your phone.

Great way to keep quick notes organized, like your montly bill payment confirmations, your shopping list and things like that.

For helping your father with his computer, this app brings TeamViewer to your phone. Of course, doing remote support on such a little screen has limitations :)

I think there is no better Twitter client than this one. It has it all and more. It is fast, full of features and nice looking.

Wifi Analyzer
Shows you all the wi-fi signals around you, good to select the best band for your own wi-fi.

Of course I use more apps, and some of them are Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Netflix, Pandora, Skype, Google Translate, Vevo and YouTube. For all these, I use the default apps, since I think they do the job better than third-party ones.


NoteI am not an Android expert. I am a regular user who is publishing his findings on apps so others can benefit.  I cannot give expert advise on how to install them in different versions of Android, different devices or tweaks.

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