Fake Apple stores in China

It is almost normal to find replicas of Apple products like this fake iPhone in some countries and on web stores. Last July a new kind of replicas were made evident by a blogger living in China: Fake Apple Stores!

These stores located in the city of Kunming were so carefully done that it was difficult to tell them appart from the real ones, if not for the fact that Apple does not have any authorized retailers in that city.

After this issue became viral, the Chinese government ordered the stores to close, but why were the stores allowed to open in the first place? It is not like they were small shops that could be overlooked.

China has been named one of the worst countries in copyright theft prevention for several years in a row, even though their copyright laws are very similar to the ones in the U.S. It is clear that at least for now, complying with these laws is not a high Chinese priority.


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