Apple restrictions hurting them

There is no doubt that Apple has brought huge innovations to the technology world, but these days Apple seems to be moving from its cool Apple guy mantra to the big bully corporation.

There is already a big portion of iPhone users that are tired of Apple’s restrictions, and this has given birth to a new parallel industry of Jailbreaking and Unlocking , but Apple does not seem to be willing to allow any innovation that does not come from inside their walls.

On the one hand Apple has worked very hard to create this new iPod/iPhone/iPad market and they are not willing to ease their tight grip on the business, and on the other hand users feel the devices they have paid for are theirs and they can do whatever they wish to with them, even though they implicitly signed a users’ agreement with the purchase.

At the end I think the free market (and Android) will force Apple to reconsider their practices or they will be left behind. In less than three years Android has surpassed Nokia, Blackberry and now iPhone in US sales.

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